The Property Ministry's purpose is closely tied to the faithful stewardship of its members, and the life and vitality of CRLC is dependent on it. Our church members as well as our local community can use our facilitiy in accordance with certain guidelines (see Building Usage Guidelines and Building Usage Request form).

Help with seasonal projects as well as ongoing maintenance (no skill necessary) include, but are not limited to:
Kitchen clean up/pantry supplies                                 Plumbing
Electrical                                                                   Carpentry
Painting                                                                     Window Washing
Flower beds- planting, weeding, watering…             Landscaping
General Maintenance

Kitchen Clean Up and Reminders

We have been trying to clean up the kitchen and have found many things left over from previous events that aren’t labeled. If you have leftovers, please label them with your group’s name or they may not be there when you return. Also if you are storing any food items, please place them in a sealable container to keep out unwanted pests. Finally, just a friendly reminder; red drinks are not to be served in the church building. The spills from red drinks are difficult, if not impossible, to get out of the carpet so we are asking that red drinks not be served. We have a beautiful space to use in Praising God, Serving Others, please help us keep it that way.


Facility Manager

Alan Andel is our part time facility manager. Alan lives in Macedonia, and also is the facility manager at Sunrise Assisted Living Center in Parma.  If you have a property concern, please fill out a brown Property form on the wall to the right of the mailboxes and put it in Alan's mailbox.



Courtyard Make-Over

Our courtyard has been in need of a make-over for some time now. This summer a task force was formed with members from our church and members of the Emerald Necklace Garden Club (which holds their meetings here). It was decided a complete make-over was needed after the group walked around the courtyard. The Redbud tree, which is beautiful, has outgrown its space and the roots are impinging on the foundation of the building. Weeds have overgrown many of the beds and the ivy is growing up the side walls (not a good thing). After several meetings and a lot of good ideas, a landscaper was brought in for suggestions and pricing. It turns out the suggestions and price was so good that the project was turned over to the landscaper, Turfscape, with the vision board’s approval. Turfscape is a well known and reliable landscape company which has taken care of grounds at Grand Bay and Greenwood Village. Some of the existing plants will be kept; the Taxus trimmed back and Hostas and Astilbes replanted in other locations. Many of the other plants, including the Redbud, will be removed. A gorgeous and yet very low maintenance garden will be installed including many interesting perennials and bushes. The soil will be amended, weed fabric put down, earth tone rubber mulch (long lasting) and #34 river stone will add to the low maintenance and attractiveness of the courtyard. Karl Koubal has graciously offered to make some of the architectural elements that will be featured. At a later date we are hoping to add a patio table and chairs so that small groups can meet there , the staff can have lunch and hold meetings there and our own members can enjoy the space in a beautiful and tranquil setting.



The Crosswalk is open!

Take a meditative walk through the woods!




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