The Cross Walk at CRLC

For those who want to visit the Cross Walk: It is located behind Christ the Redeemer ELCA in Brecksville, OH. 9201 Brecksville Rd., Brecksville, OH 44141.  May it be a blessing to all who walk the path. There are pamphlets (CRLC Cross Walk Brochure) in the Gathering Area or in the box at the beginning of the walk to help you navigate your way through the Cross Walk. Remember to dress for the weather, including the right shoes!

The meditative path begins in the snow-shrouded chapel.Picture2

The walk wanders and meanders, just as the thoughts and prayers are invited to move gently. The purpose of the walk is to think little of pace or path....and much about the guidance and companionship of Christ. The walker is invited to contemplate our Lord's seven last words...the final statements of his human voice.



The path passed through snowy, wintery splendor....the benches were not welcoming...and the surface was slippery or sloppy in places. In the midst of the crystal coated grotto the continuous flow of water could be heard. The beauty of the water's song was enhanced by the way the source was hidden from view, behind the heavy laden, drooping branches which hung over the brook. The weather was what some folks deemed "unwelcoming", and many of the pilgrims who might have walked the path stayed away.



Bundled up, with treaded shoes and a hiking stick, I walked the path very early several mornings during the Holy Three Days. I meditated upon the words of Christ, and was warmed and supported by the mystery of Jesus' Passion. I stood quietly before my inadequate understanding of all that he suffered and surrendered for my sake. I gazed at my own "way"...the all too sporadic responses I offer to Christ's abiding presence. I prayed for the courage and depth of love that might enable my love and sacrificial service to flow with greater openness and availability.



The Cross Walk...the walk along the path to Resurrection Life. Meandering and wandering at times. Sometimes through weather (of nature, or "weather" of the heart) that may seem unseasonable. The Cross Walk...the walk that moves us, according to the Lord's pace and promises, through the door of death, beyond its grip, and into new and everlasting life.



Ahhhhh, Holy Jesus..... thank you!


Come, see, and experience the Cross Walk!

It is a gift!

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