The Property Ministry's purpose is closely tied to the faithful stewardship of its members, and the life and vitality of CRLC is dependent on it. Our church members as well as our local community can use our facilitiy in accordance with certain guidelines (see Building Usage Guidelines and Building Usage Request form).

Help with seasonal projects as well as ongoing maintenance (no skill necessary) include, but are not limited to:
Kitchen clean up/pantry supplies                                 Plumbing
Electrical                                                                   Carpentry
Painting                                                                     Window Washing
Flower beds- planting, weeding, watering…             Landscaping
General Maintenance

Kitchen Clean Up and Reminders

We have been trying to clean up the kitchen and have found many things left over from previous events that aren’t labeled. If you have leftovers, please label them with your group’s name or they may not be there when you return. Also if you are storing any food items, please place them in a sealable container to keep out unwanted pests. Finally, just a friendly reminder; red drinks are not to be served in the church building. The spills from red drinks are difficult, if not impossible, to get out of the carpet so we are asking that red drinks not be served. We have a beautiful space to use in Praising God, Serving Others, please help us keep it that way.



Tree Island

Have you seen the front yard of the church? Looks great, doesn't it ?!! 

I want to formally thank all the volunteers who have helped make this happen.  God's work comes in many forms... for this group it was usually Wednesday mornings for the last few months.  They chopped, sawed, dragged, raked, wacked and chipped in an effort to clean up years of overgrowth.

I appreciated every hour(s) you each endured and apologize for your sore backs and muscles the morning after. The results are amazing.

Thank you!


Al Radefeld


Mike Berzins, Blaine Coleman, Ken Blank, Linda Eckenbrecht (team leader), Mike Jirousek, Maureen Michal, Jill Koubal, Karl Koubal, Linda Radefeld, Ted Rader, Chris Schule, and Ron Thier.

Church Cleaning Day

A huge thank you to a small, but mighty group of people who came together in August to wash the woodwork in the sanctuary.  The pews, doors, window frames, and altar were wiped down and the floors were washed and vacuumed.  The window frames in Fellowship Hall and the woodwork in the Narthex hallway were also washed.  Thank you to Linda Eckenbrecht, Kathie Brusk, Kathy Hoinski, Diane Wilson, Steve Wilson, Jill Koubal, and Laurie Siebert. 

We Recycle at

There is a new blue can in the kitchen to collect glass and plastic bottles and aluminum cans next to the counter. Please do not use it for trash. Items not recyclable are plastic bakery containers, plastic silverware, aluminum pans, broken hangers, to name just a few. See the list below for acceptable items to recycle:

Plastic - Acceptable plastic includes:

Plastic bottles such as water and beverage bottles with caps on

Beverage Jugs such as milk or juice with caps on

Laundry, shampoo and soap containers.

Glass - Acceptable glass includes bottles and jars only.
Cans - Acceptable cans include food and beverage cans only.

Cardboard and paper are also recyclable and can be left in the kitchen under the center counter near the refrigerator or in the office next to the copier.

Please help us in our endeavors to clean up the earth!

A big thank you to Lee & Karen Knicely and Jeff Luksa who take our recyclable items to be recycled every other week! 


Our Facility Manager is Mike Skwarski.  If you need something completed or repaired in the building, please fill out a request form found by the mailboxes and place it in Mike's mailbox. 




The Crosswalk is open!

Take a meditative walk through the woods!




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